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Our Vizergy Content Management System (CMS) is a proprietary, highly secure and an easy-to-use platform that allows properties to update copy, imagery or website content at any time. Updating your site is quick, easy and cost effective, allowing you to meet the changing demands in your market. Our expert customer service team provides unparalleled support and is only a phone call away.

Total Content Control

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    An advanced, user-friendly CMS is a must for any hotel website to reach its full potential. Our Vizergy Content Management System (CMS) is a proprietary, easy-to-use platform that allows properties to change and customize copy, imagery, or any website content at any time. You can change rotating images on your homepage, add copy about local attractions and customize content based on seasons or events.

    Content Management System

    We built this system specifically to answer the unique needs of hotels and resorts. The system gives properties flexibility, while reducing costs and time spent waiting on third-parties to update your site content. Little technical knowledge is needed to use the CMS, meaning your property's staff can quickly learn to take control of your website content. Vizergy's client services team offers unlimited support and training.

    Some unique features of our CMS:

    • Instantly change content, photos, or any website content
    • Page creation for A/B testing or targeted landing pages
    • Multiple levels of security and auditing to see who is accessing the system
    • Tablet compatible, including iPads
    • Ability to easily edit custom features/widgets

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