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Measure Online Marketing Via Inbound Calls

Track Phone Calls from your Website

Considering the time and money invested in online marketing, you should be able to track where every guest
comes from. Vizergy Phone Tracking allows you to do just that, and much more.

What Are Guests Saying?

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    Your Internet marketing campaigns are not only generating traffic and reservations online, but also generating phone calls and reservations at the front desk. With the help of Vizergy's Phone Tracking abilities, we make it easy to see how much phone traffic your campaigns are generating.

    What is Vizergy Phone Tracking?

    By seamlessly embedding a unique phone number on your hotel's website, our program allows you to track all incoming calls generated from your site. You can also attach unique numbers to campaigns and advertisements to see how much phone traffic they generate.

    How it Benefits Your Property

    Phone Tracking allows you to holistically measure the success of your digital presence beyond the traditional, primary Web analytics such as visitors, clicks and reservations. The call volume figures allow you to determine when the busiest periods are in addition to instant notification when calls go unanswered, allowing you to effectively forecast and plan your staffing needs accordingly.

    Is your staff politely and accurately answering the callers' questions? Are they aware of current specials and effectively selling your property and location? Our phone tracking system records and stores calls. At any time, you are able to go back and listen for verification and quality assurance purposes.

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