Email Marketing for Hotels

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We offer an email marketing product with enterprise-level power and flexibility. 

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Learn how email marketing encourages loyalty & keeps guests coming back.

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    Why do you need it? 

    Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools used to build long-term guest loyalty and boost engagement. Vizergy's email/eCRM platform provides everything marketers need to succeed in this new era of engagement marketing. 

    What are the benefits? 

    The enterprise-level ingenuity of the email marketing service grants marketers the flexibility to launch targeted campaigns and advanced workflow automation with minimal effort. 

    • Online bookings
    • Increased deliverability 
    • Higher open rates
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Automated campaigns
    • Robust reporting 
    • Dynamic content 
    • Confidence in your email strategy
    • High return with less effort

    What do we offer? 

    • Strategy assessment 
    • Automated campaign set-up
    • Digital Content Calendar and Content Storage
    • Content Optimization
    • Campaign Reporting
    • Training and Support 

    Email Marketing for Hotels

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