Pay Per Click Search Marketing

PPC - A Powerful, Targeted Way to Drive Traffic

Instantly Boost Traffic with PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing has revolutionized the way hospitality companies promote their websites. PPC campaigns are an extremely effective tool for garnering traffic for your website and increasing bookings. Paid search marketing is a targeted, cost-effective way to drive targeted travel shoppers directly to your site.

Pay Per Click Search Marketing

PPC - A Powerful, Targeted Way to Drive Traffic

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    Benefits of PPC

    We will set up and manage your campaign, then provide ongoing tracking and analysis for constant optimization.

    • Greater Visibility and Revenue – Be found in search engines at anytime, meaning more traffic and reservations.
    • Targeted Control – Control which search queries your ads appear on based on targeted keywords and phrases.
    • Complement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Use PPC ads for quicker results.
    • Customizable – Use persuasive messages tailored to travel shoppers’ needs.
    • Budget Control – Monitor your property’s budget and benefit with almost any size online marketing budget.
    • Intel – Measure the effectiveness of your ads with detailed analytics.

    Mobile, Tablet & PC Visibility

    Reach travel shoppers on-the-go and drive incremental sales and traffic with a highly-targeted PPC campaign. In this ever-changing world, the line that divides tablets, desktops, and mobile devices from each other continues to shrink at a very fast pace and all devices are now equally, or even more, important to users (Google, Inc., 2013). For this reason, Google developed Enhanced Campaigns, a way for businesses to target different devices – desktops, tablets, and mobile devices – under one campaign. Separate budgets for mobile and tablet campaigns are a thing of the past. Instead, everything is managed under one campaign, thus eliminating unnecessary duplicates and streamlining the paid search process. 

    Having a mobile website combines the advantages of mobile marketing and traditional PPC, allowing your property to capture the attention of last-minute bookers in a localized, geographic radius. Our team of paid search analysts will work with you to develop a mobile PPC strategy and messaging that incorporates mobile-only actions (like Click-to-Call) to boost your property’s search visibility.

    Greater Control

    Vizergy's Paid Search professionals carefully develop a PPC strategy based on your property's goals and recommend the ideal budget for your review. Our paid search analysts use industry leading tools to optimize your ads and can display a variety of text and image ad and achieve the best possible results.

    Google Enhanced Campaigns provide us with the ability to assign value to our potential customers in the form of bid adjustments. Bid adjustments are a percentage change in our bids that allows us to increase or decrease our bids to more or less for searches occurring on mobile devices, times, days, locations, topics, and placements. In other words, if a potential guest in your city is more valuable to you than someone in a different state, then you can tell Google that you want to bid “X” percent higher for that searcher.

    Measurable Value

    With the cost-per-click option, you're only charged if people click your ads. This means every dollar of every budget goes toward bringing new prospects to you.

    Vizergy's PPC search engine marketing campaigns ensure that our clients' websites are at the top of search results. Our paid search specialists bid on strategically chosen keywords contained in your website. Bids are incremental, distributed across sets of keywords and periods of time to ensure maximum results. Our paid search marketing team closely monitors the process to make sure you are always getting the most "click" for your buck.

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