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With over three billion local searches conducted by online consumers per month, local search visibility is vital to hotels and resorts. And with Vizergy's Local Search service, you can own, control and optimize your property's local pages and manage business data across the most popular search platforms and web applications.

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Local search is more important than ever - Discover how to boost your property's visibility.

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    Achieve higher rankings in local search results with
    Vizergy's Local Search for hotels and resorts.

    We claim and optimize your local listings on major search engines and optimize the content for direct, authorized distribution to the largest local search platform network in the industry - including both mobile and traditional Internet.

    Benefits of Vizergy's Local Search services:

    • Ownership and optimization of your local listings on major search engines helps to achieve higher rankings for your property in local search results.  We claim your Google Places Page and Bing Local Listing and provide the content travel shoppers seek, helping boost your rankings in local search results.
    • Business listing control across 150+ local search platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yellowpages.com and countless mobile applications being developed, allows for consistent information and distribution.  We cleanse, organize and optimize your property's listings to increase online findability.
    • Distribution of your certified listings to the industry's leading network allows you to reach the sites where over 90% of local searches occur.

    Search engines are the number one online planning source for leisure travelers.  Let your property be found and increase your property's online bookings today.

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