use your datato reach customers right in their inbox

Reach your most valuable customers with personalized messages that hit their inbox at just the right time. This high-ROI marketing strategy uses your own first-party data to create organized, targeted email campaigns. Launch emails for promotions, packages, newsletters, and more and segment the audience so the message fits the recipient. The result? More clicks. More direct bookings.

targeted emails
what guests want to know before they book

More direct booking opportunities are yours when you leverage first-party data from your existing email database. Still today, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to deliver timely promotional offers, new special packages, and newsletters with information your guests want to know. Even better, the results of your email campaigns flow directly into your Vizergy Marketing System, showing important performance metrics right down to reservation details. It's good for your ROI. And it's good info to know for your next campaign.

the right messaging at the right time

Engage and stay engaged with guests through creative email campaigns with Vizergy white-glove service. Working closely with your account manager, you have help writing, segmenting your list, testing, and sending regularly scheduled, on-point messages.

Plus, we can create action-based campaigns that send messages automatically when a guest subscribes to your email list, checks out of your hotel, interacts with other emails, and more. So the conversation doesn't end when guests end their stay. You continue the tête-à-tête so they come back for more.