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first party data marketing
understanding your guests and where to find more

Know your audience
before you start marketing

Your guests may look very different in your lobby than they do in the digital world of your PMS data – which is more likely to be reality. So when creating your marketing plan, be sure to start with a clear picture of your guest profiles.

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start with

  • Identify guest profiles using your PMS data
  • Cleanse the data to ensure it’s accurate
  • Create focused customer audiences based on demographics like drive market, age, interests, income, families, and more
  • Use key attributes of your most profitable guests, and merge these with 3rd party data like ad networks and social media to create an expanded, solid prospect base
Now you've got the goods on your guests and others like them. And we've got the hub that makes it more telling than ever.
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The Future of
Database Marketing

With TargetingHub, your marketing decisions are simple, precise and cost-effective – continually. Because once your CRS and PMS are integrated, it updates new guest information with each reservation.

So you always work with fresh data and spend smarter across all marketing channels, easily implementing:

  • Targeted email messages, by season, by drive market, by marital status, and more
  • Extend-your-stay incentives to guests with upcoming reservations
  • Online advertising
  • Lookalike marketing
  • Website personalization
  • Remarketing
Target audience

Real Prospects.
Relevant Messages.
Remarkable ROI.

Build your marketing plan from a library of more than 100 campaign templates and target your prospects with messages that are relevant to them. And do it across multiple channels, not just email. Then, watch your marketing costs go down and your conversions go up.

You can even measure your campaign success yourself with detailed, easy-to-understand analytics from a single dashboard – no scientific data analyst needed here.

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