VMS Enhancement: Reputation Reviews Feature


VMS Enhancement: Reputation Reviews Feature


The Vizergy Marketing System’s (VMS) Reputation Reviews feature has been updated with several new enhancements to help clients monitor online guest reviews.

These include the addition of Booking.com and Hotels.com as new review sources, an improved Rating Filter option, and a new Trending Keywords feature. These updates allow clients to monitor and better understand their guest reviews. Improvements to the Rating Filter include a range drop-down so clients can filter online reviews based on ratings less than or greater than a certain number. This allows clients to quickly identify guest reviews that may require attention. 

The Trending Keywords section has been added to the reviews report page to highlight the words mentioned in guest reviews most often. This feature allows reviews to be filtered by certain keywords. Utilizing the Rating Filter and Trending Keywords filter, clients can get a clear picture of what guests liked and disliked most about their stay. 

In April 2019, Booking.com was listed as the #2 review site and Hotels.com came in at #4, so it is important for our clients to monitor reviews from these websites. Users can now see the icons in the legend of the VMS homepage under the “My Reviews” area, as shown below

image 2

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