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Travel Trends: Second City Destinations

October 25, 2021 Jen Cialfi
Woman Traveling
Second Cities Come Out on Top Travel is beginning to pick up, and more people are hitting the spots on their Destination Bucket Lists after the unforeseen travel break. More travel is great! But more tourists? Maybe not so much. If you’re looking to get your travel fix while avoiding the crowds (whether social ...
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Personalization Improves Conversions

February 25, 2021
By: Kristen Sullivan   In a world where hyper-targeted ads have been deemed “creepy” and “intrusive,” the fact remains that people prefer personalized messaging that comes from data collection. Most consumers like seeing content applicable to their lives and interests as opposed to something irrelevant. According to  Statista , 90% of consumers find marketing content personalization appealing, and they are more responsive to tailored messages. However, there is a fine line between personalized marketing and marketing that is down-right invasive. The goal is to find a happy ...
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Vizergy Technology Leads the Industry- a Q&A

Vizergy Technology
More than 20 years ago, Vizergy was founded to help simplify the digital space for hoteliers and make it more profitable. Since Vizergy's founding, we've continued to develop and enhance our digital marketing platforms and technology to empower our hospitality clients to be successful online.  Recently, we sat down Vizergy's Vice President of Information ...
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CMS Enhancement: Reviews Feed Application

September 16, 2019
reviews feed
Vizergy’s team of experts released two new reviews feed widgets in the CMS. Introducing the “Reviews Feed- List” in a listing display and “Reviews Feed- Carousel” in a slider display! The new widgets showcase the latest reviews on a property website in a seamless manner. The benefit of displaying credible, third-party authenticated user-generated reviews ...
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