Travel Trends: Second City Destinations


Travel Trends: Second City Destinations

October 25, 2021 Jen Cialfi
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Second Cities Come Out on Top

Travel is beginning to pick up, and more people are hitting the spots on their Destination Bucket Lists after the unforeseen travel break. More travel is great! But more tourists? Maybe not so much. If you’re looking to get your travel fix while avoiding the crowds (whether social distancing or preferring less people around in general), the latest trend of “second city” travel may be just what you’re looking for.

The Concept

What is a “second city”? As the name suggests, a second city is a city within a state or country with the second-highest population. But as it pertains to travel, the name takes on a slightly different meaning. In this sense, second city refers to any lesser-known area with some smaller attractions or hidden gems. Some examples of second city destinations include:

  • Orlando – Instead head to Clearwater Beach, FL, for the beautiful beaches and fresh seafood.

  • Dallas – Make your way over to Fredericksburg, TX, to visit one of their 100 wineries.

  • Charleston – Myrtle Beach, SC is a great alternative with plenty of local small businesses to support.

  • San Francisco – Check out a tasting room in Monterey, CA or experience the wildlife on the shoreline. 

The Guest

The typical guest traveling to a second city is looking for an authentic cultural experience without the chaos of traditional tourist destinations. This guest wants to explore the local neighborhood shops and restaurants versus the main attraction(s) of your state.

The Hotel

Authenticity is key when it comes to marketing to these kinds of guests. Boasting original architecture and proximity to local shops, restaurants, nearby experiences, and community cultural attractions is a great way to capture attention. Using your website to visually tell the story of your hotel ensures potential guests get a taste of what they can expect while staying with you. 

For more information on how to market to "second city" travelers or other audiences, contact Vizergy Digital Marketing. Our dedicated team can help you strategize and enhance your digital presence.

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