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Micro-Weddings & Minimonies: Small-Scale Celebrations

January 21, 2021 Kristen Sullivan
Micro-Weddings & Minimonies: Adapting Your Hotel for Small-Scale Celebrations Lavish, over-the-top weddings with extensive guest lists are a thing of the past, at least for the near future. Post-pandemic couples are opting for smaller, more intimate events to celebrate their big day, either with a micro-wedding or a minimony; elopements are also on the ...
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COVID-19 Recovery Series: Email Marketing

May 21, 2020
email marketing after covid-19
While our industry continues to deal with a state of travel that is breaking all norms, there is actually an opportunity to solidify relationships with your audience. A strong email marketing strategy will keep loyal guests engaged and can even be a source of positive news to your audience as you lead them down the booking path for the future. When they ...
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Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Hotel Property

email campaign
Vizergy clients have great success with our full-service email marketing product. This blog contains some of our client’s recent email campaigns that showcase high ROI and impressive analytics from utilizing  TargetingHub’s  smart list segmentation in addition to email marketing. TargetingHub analyzes existing hotel PMS data to identify key insights about client’s best ...
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