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Optimize Your Website for "Crawlers"

February 24, 2021 Joseph Leo
Hotel SEO
The Ultimate in “Book Now” Prose: Part 2
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Micro-Weddings & Minimonies: Small-Scale Celebrations

January 21, 2021 Kristen Sullivan
Micro-Weddings & Minimonies: Adapting Your Hotel for Small-Scale Celebrations Lavish, over-the-top weddings with extensive guest lists are a thing of the past, at least for the near future. Post-pandemic couples are opting for smaller, more intimate events to celebrate their big day, either with a micro-wedding or a minimony; elopements are also on the ...
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Activate Your Ecommerce

June 08, 2020
hotel ecommerce
Download the recovery guide so you have a road map to get your direct sales channel firing on all cylinders once again. It is becoming clear that travel segments and travelers’ behavior are changing because of the coronavirus. Now more than ever, hotels should be preparing for changes. Changes in their typical guest ...
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You’ve Gotta E-A-T to Rank in Search Engine Results

November 11, 2019
Google continually makes changes to improve their search results each day. Most changes aren’t noticeable but when an update contains actionable information, Google gives advanced notice and advice on how to respond those updates.
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Importance Of Having A Secure Website

October 24, 2019
As of 2018, all websites must meet the 2018 SSL Standards for Data Security and Privacy Protection.
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CMS Enhancement: Reviews Feed Application

September 16, 2019
reviews feed
Vizergy’s team of experts released two new reviews feed widgets in the CMS. Introducing the “Reviews Feed- List” in a listing display and “Reviews Feed- Carousel” in a slider display! The new widgets showcase the latest reviews on a property website in a seamless manner. The benefit of displaying credible, third-party authenticated user-generated reviews ...
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Tips to Boost Direct Bookings for Hotels

direct bookings
With so much competition from OTAs for direct bookings, hoteliers need to be savvy with the techniques to attract visitors to their property’s website. Below are a few strategies put together by the experts at Vizergy that have helped our clients boost their direct bookings. Strategy: Book Direct. Get More. Use this eye-catching headline ...
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