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Vizergy® Introduces New SEO Product Package – Search Visibility Booster

July 28, 2022
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New SEO product expands hotels’ online footprint, targets strategic audiences and increases direct bookings with 1 proven SEO package

JACKSONVILLE, FLA., July 19, 2022 – Vizergy introduces a new SEO strategy package called SEARCH VISIBILITY BOOSTER developed to help hoteliers expand their online presence with targeted SEO strategies.

The Search Visibility Booster helps to increase hotel direct bookings, creates additional hotel brand awareness and helps them better compete by being seen online more frequently. It’s comprised of 4 proven SEO strategies rolled into 1 programmatic plan. The package combines the following applications to help hoteliers glean potential guests with specific messages relevant to their inquiries.

1.       The FAQ. Helps hotels appear on all searches related to its Q&A, including voice and long tail searches. It feeds Google with answers to questions using an automated FAQ schema, so hotel searchers find relevant answers on the hotel website, instantly.

2.       The Events Calendar. Moves hotels up in the rankings by leveraging events happening on property or nearby. A built-in events calendar schema communicates event details to Google, who displays them front and center in search results.

3.       The Special Offer. Announces promotions in a popup that leads to a custom landing page that reveals the details and invites visitors to book direct. Personalized offers can also be developed to help ensure that the right special gets to the right guest.

4.       The Review. Gives hotels instant credibility in the eyes of potential guests by helping the hotel appear at the top of searches. It also raises hotel clout and gives potential guests confidence in their decision to book.

“I’m excited about the Search Visibility Booster because I know it will help our clients make the shift in their sales mix to include more direct bookings,” said Joe Hyman, CEO, Vizergy. “This is a cost-effective, high-performance digital marketing program that all Vizergy clients can take advantage of to improve their SEO strategies and their bottom lines.”


Proven Successes

The Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO, introduced the special offers landing pages and saw a 45% increase in visits to the booking engine from their previous offers page. Texican Court in Irving, TX, added the events calendar with schema markup to showcase their live music. They now appear on page 1 of searches for “music in Irving TX,” which receives several hundred searches per month.

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