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Web Design Trends for Hospitality in 2024

May 14, 2024
Marriott Hawaii website

With the addition of Curated Hybrid Sites added to Vizergy's website template options, we want to shed some light on useful design trends and how to utilize them to get your customers excited and convert!

Never Forget Your Story — What makes you different, more exciting, or better than your competitors? Are you showing your customers those difference makers? Does your marketing match your hotel experience? Here are some ways we have found to do that:

  • Invest in great, up-to-date photos.
  • Keep your content up to date as well. Make sure you always have content parity, and the customer never feels confused by differing information.
  • Use good video or don't use video at all. While video can be an amazing narrative tool, it can also cause long page load speeds and, if done incorrectly, cause more problems than it solves. If you aren't ready for a big video investment, spend that capital on new photos instead.
  • Find a way to ask for reviews – and often. Use these reviews in a feed on your home page to let your customers sing your praises.

User-Centric, Mobile-First Design — Don't reinvent the wheel here. Vizergy uses tested and proven methods when designing frameworks that maximize user interest on sites and achieve more room bookings. They are flexible enough to fit everyone and still be user-forward and hospitality focused. Plus, this option allows for a faster turnaround time to launch, letting you focus on what’s really important – your guests!

Branded Maps — With Curated (and Custom) websites, we can really push the look of a client's map. Textures, colors, and illustrations enhance a user's interaction with both static and interactive maps.

Inclusive and Accessible Designs — All our templates go through a strenuous process to meet ADA standards. Don't leave yourself open to a possible lawsuit. We are experts in ADA and hospitality web design and our templates are built to work amazingly for everyone, no matter their disability.

Parallax Scrolling — When objects in the foreground move at a different speed than the background, it gives dimension to the look and feel of a page. This feature is more dominant on Curated templates. Small details like this convey a high-end feel that can blend into the property experience and make the digital-to-tactile experience cohesive.

Micro-Interactions — With examples like hover animations over buttons, micro-interactions allow for engaging animation but don't overwhelm pages. These details are useful for a user's interaction, letting them know their movements and clicks are doing what's expected.

All our advice here is timeless. Don't overdo your site to follow the fads so that it ages quickly and no longer feels genuine. Your site should feel like an extension of your property – reflecting what your guests will experience when they arrive. Strip out the confusion and tell an engaging story and you will be doing exactly what your customers want and expect.

Curated templates

We recommend our Curated templates, which allow for more flexibility with widget placement on pages, to our clients who look to push the boundaries of traditional template limits. This design option can feature more animation, micro-interactions, and design enhancements that further a client's branding.

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