Beachfront Hotel Transforms Website With Vizergy


Beachfront Hotel Transforms Website With Vizergy

February 27, 2019
Dunes Manor

“Three remarkable experiences. One unforgettable destination.”

Our client, Dunes Manor, is a celebrated beachfront complex in Ocean City, Maryland. The most unique feature of the property is that there are 3 separate buildings that offer distinct experiences. The Dunes Manor Hotel and Dunes Suites buildings are situated on the beach with all rooms boasting oceanfront views, while the Dunes Court offers a retro motel experience one block behind.

Since all three buildings shared the same website, visitors in the past were getting confused about which building they were booking and what location they should check in with. Using the Vizergy Marketing System (VMS), Dunes Manor successfully rebranded their property with a new, enhanced website.

By utilizing Vizergy’s smart website design, our client was still able to house all 3 buildings on the same site while depicting each building’s unique appeal. “Thoughtfully curating a seamless user experience with Vizergy’s tools was a breeze. The ease of the tools and the exceptional support from the Vizergy team allowed us to turn what was once a confusing experience for our guests into an overwhelming positive” says Michael Zayas, Corporate Director of Digital at Real Hospitality Group.

Adding multiple logos, room types, and experiences were easily conveyed through a variety of page styles and numerous customized widgets. Video content on the photo gallery page gave a bird’s eye view for those seeking more robust content and the tech-forward platform of the site allows for thorough SEO strategy and success.

With Vizergy, Dunes Manor has solved the problem of product confusion and now sets a higher bar for guest expectations. Take a look below at their transformation.


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After Vizergy:

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