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Brand Consistency with Site Live: Ranchos De Los Caballeros


Ranchos de los Caballeros, a long-time partner with Vizergy, just launched a brand new custom, responsive website with a gorgeous design! 

Property Stats:

Property Name: Ranchos de los Caballeros
Location: Wickenburg, Arizona
Room Numbers: 67 guests rooms and 12 suites
TripAdvisor: Excellent Rating! 

Custom Website Design: 

Here is what our designers, Jeremiah and Gabe had to say:

Rancho emanates such a unique charm, so we wanted the design of the site to mimic this, with sweeping views and lots of action. They gave us a treasure trove of excellent photography, which we leveraged to tell their story. We modernized the layout with custom widgets and full-width imagery, so their website looks new and modern while making sure to match the charm of Wickenburg. We wanted guests to know exactly what it’s like to roll up to the ranch, put on their boots, and get riding. 

Sweeping panoramic photos, as well as small details, tell that story. The Rancho property is built on an old turquoise mine, so as you navigate through the site, you’ll notice the hovers are turquoise. Those added pops of color not only modernize the color palette, but they also create a link to the actual location. This connects the viewer, just as if they were strolling around the property turning over rocks.

It is wonderful to have a partner like Rancho that trusts us to make them a great website. They understand that giving us creative freedom will make them a great website. They tell their story perfectly and we think this website is one more extension of their story for guests to fall in love with.

Vizergy Email Services:

Vizergy’s in-house email expert, Brandon Mitchell, also created three email templates that are consistent with the hotel’s new branding: 

Vizergy Account Management:

Working with Account Manager, Chelsea – Ranchos De Los Caballeros was able to create a refreshed strategy for their website and additional digital services provided through Vizergy in order to produce more traffic and direct bookings. It was important to the client to showcase the ranch experience as genuine and authentic. 

We cannot wait to see what’s to come for this property! 

Looking to work with Vizergy to create a custom website? Or need digital services like account management or email? Contact us today! 

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