Crafting Personalized Campaigns to Drive Direct Bookings


Crafting Personalized Campaigns to Drive Direct Bookings


Once you determine a desired target audience, you can begin crafting personalized campaigns that speak to a specific demographic. Mapping personalized content to deliver to a unique audience improves direct bookings on a hotel website.

Since the home page is a major landing spot for most visitors, this is where a lot of the personalization will happen. Things such as custom headlines, specific images and promotional offers can be delivered to visitors here to provoke an action.

Remarketing to return visitors could include things like loyalty program offers, room upgrades, return discounts, etc. Engaging consumers with remarketing tactics require content that is attention grabbing and urges them to convert.

Research from New Epsilon showed that the top motivator for consumers to do business with travel and leisure brands were offers or coupons based on consumer’s physical location and past trips or preferences.

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