Expert Panel: Global Distribution System Optimization


Expert Panel: Global Distribution System Optimization

November 23, 2021 Rebecca Pemberton CRME
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The Global Distribution System (GDS) is an unknown to many people but using this channel can be very beneficial to your hotel’s bottom line. Simply optimizing your GDS gives Travel Agents what they need to better recommend your property to potential guests.

The best way to think of Travel Agents is that they are your guest, and you are selling your property to them. Travel Agents are still used in a variety of segments – they are not just for corporate travel. Travel Management Companies are beginning to see a shift from mostly corporate business to approximately 65% being corporate, while 30% Leisure and 5% Group Business. Travel Agents can help to find the best deals for travelers and can advocate for potential guests as needed. So, optimizing your GDS listing is a worthwhile way to gain additional revenue from this channel. A few of the top areas to optimize are:

  • Property and Location Information – This lets the Travel Agent know the type of property you have and popular attractions nearby.

  • Content – Consistency between your Website, Booking Engine, GDS, and OTAs is crucial.

  • Rates and Availability – All published rates should be offered on the GDS. Most popular rates to include are Senior and AAA Rates. Make sure all inventory is added to your GDS.

  • COVID Information – All property protocols and instructions should be populated in your GDS. This should also include additional precautions your property is taking for COVID (Keyless Entry, Mask Requirements, Social Distancing, etc.).

Vizergy’s Booking and Distribution Solutions give you the power to market directly to a wide variety of travel agencies and online consumers. If you’re interested in learning about how to drive more direct bookings to your property, contact Vizergy Digital Marketing. Our knowledgeable Distribution Account Managers are always happy to assist you with optimizing your GDS.

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