Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy


Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy


Social media can be a very valuable tool for any business, but hoteliers especially. Active social media accounts help to grow brand awareness, tell a property’s story and even increase overall revenue. For hoteliers to accomplish increased traffic through social engagements, it is imperative to have a well thought out social strategy that includes quality content. 


Developing a Social Strategy: 

Create Consistency Across Social Platforms

Designate a brand voice, look and overall feel for the property’s social profiles. Make messaging and images consistent across all channels.

Be Active on Different Social Platforms 

Being active on different social media platforms also helps to broaden a property’s reach.

For example, Instagram is a huge outlet for travel inspiration. With over 260 million posts that tag #travel, social media users often turn to these posts to determine where they’d like to visit, what they’re going to do there and where they are going to stay.

Facebook, that now owns Instagram, is also a great outlet for influencing travels. According to Siteminder, the majority of tourists under 34 turn to Facebook for suggestions before finalizing bookings.  

Set Budget for Social Media Advertising 

Depending on audience size and reach, a good starting point for a property to spend per month on social media advertising is $500-$1000. Vizergy client that recently set an average monthly budget of $500 for social ad spend saw a 200:1 ROI after only 15 days.

Facebook has an Ad Manager feature where properties can create advertisements with set campaign parameters that are easily optimized for Instagram, where they will appear as sponsored ads on the set audiences’ news feed. 

Post Engaging Content 2-3x per week 

A good rule of thumb is to post high-resolution photos that showcase the best aspects of your property. Incorporating a wide variety of photos including guest rooms, hotel views, food and beverage options, will help appeal to different audiences.

Posting about local events, attractions or itinerary ideas can also draw visitors to the property website.  


Ready to get started with a social media paid advertising strategy? Contact our experts. 

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