Vizergy Showcases AI Enhancement to TargetingHub® Product


Vizergy Showcases AI Enhancement to TargetingHub® Product

April 10, 2019

Next Generation Marketing Software Makes it Easy for Hotels to Target Digital Tactics

Vizergy, the hospitality industry’s leading provider in digital marketing software solutions, continues to enhance their platforms to drive hotel revenue and profit and stay competitive in an ever-changing digital marketplace.


The latest enhancement, made to their TargetingHub customer data platform, utilizes AI to analyze and segment the platform’s data. TargetingHub, which is fully integrated with Vizergy’s Marketing System (VMS), allows clients to use existing data assets to identify and attract new customers without the complexity of hard to manage CRM systems.

By integrating a property’s PMS data, TargetingHub identifies key insights and attributes of the property’s most profitable customers and allows them to deploy smart campaigns to target more customers just like them. The new AI enhancement takes data insights much deeper and incorporates machine learning and BI to expand targeted marketing capabilities.

These new capabilities ensure TargetingHub users are deploying advertising and marketing resources in a very targeted way, improving conversions by delivering relevant personalize content. Robert Arnold, Vizergy’s President, states “todays marketers need to use data to easily identify patterns and trends with existing data assets to find new customers. By identifying things such as days most likely booked, average duration of stay, most popular seasons, along with customer attributes, clients can strategically deploy smart campaigns that speak to their target audiences to drive direct bookings.”

Arnold continues, “the platforms ease of use is unlike any other technology in the hospitality industry. When you run a targeted campaign, the platform reporting suite shows you not only overall campaign performance but exactly how many new customers were acquired from a given campaign, giving you a crystal-clear cost metric of new customer acquisition.”

With the connections built to the most frequently used hotel Property Management Systems and the option to export reporting and upload into the TargetingHub, this products capability allow it’s use to virtually any hotel that has access to their reservation data.

For more information about TargetingHub, visit Vizergy’s website or click here to request a demo.

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