Behind the Build: Divi Resorts


Behind the Build: Divi Resorts

August 08, 2022 Daisy Tackett
screenshot of Divi Resorts homepage

Behind the Build: Divi Resorts

Divi Resorts is a long-time Vizergy client, and we recently had the opportunity to build a new website for them. We had also built their previous site, but agreed an update would refresh their branding and better showcase their many properties. 

screenshot of divi resorts home page

One interesting challenge with building the new Divi site was utilizing the bones of our Interstellar template and customizing it entirely, pushing this popular template to new limits. Because of Divi’s need to showcase multiple properties through their home site, we built home pages within the site for each property. This project required building out over 100 pages and creating a large amount of content, including a custom amenities widget showcasing each property’s unique features.


gif of divi resorts amenities widget


Vizergy Creative Director Jeremiah Mathews and his team relished the design experience, commenting “this website was an incredibly cool design challenge. We had to build out landing pages for each location operated by Divi, essentially creating a website within the website to give each property its own dedicated space.” Other impressive build features include their Specials page, which allows for advanced filtering for a variety of packages. When guests click “Check Availability” through the page, it automatically populates the promotional code, a powerful yet subtle feature that drives more direct bookings. 

Because of Divi’s beautiful properties and views, we knew we had to bring something special to their photo galleries. Instead of just displaying pictures, we integrated 360-degree room photos, virtual room tours, maps, and fliers for events and specials. These touches allow potential guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience, giving them that push to book direct. 

Through custom widgets, thoughtful touches, and a strong existing relationship with Divi Resorts, we were able to create a website that fully showcased each property while giving them each a distinct feel. 

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