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Case Study:
215:1 ROI with Email Marketing

November 02, 2021 Johanna Dykstra

Is your hotel leveraging one of the most valuable assets to increase profitability? Your email database could be the key to increasing revenue as the travel industry continues to recover. Take advantage of an opportunity to solidify relationships with your audience and keep loyal guests engaged with updates from the property and exclusive offers.

Email marketing is a platform where you directly choose who, when, and how you want to communicate with your audience. In the digital marketing world, this method is one of the greatest revenue driver.

ACME Hotel Company, located in Chicago and owned and managed by Rebel Hospitality, has an amazing success story. Partnering with Vizergy and utilizing our email marketing services as well as our TargetingHub platform’s insights, ACME continued strong email marketing efforts throughout the pandemic, even while most of the city was closed. Their marketing strategy was designed to send one newsletter-type campaign per month, and one email focusing on an offer or special each month. Throughout 2021, ACME consistently saw ROI of 20+, but once the city “reopened” and vaccines became widely available, that ROI skyrocketed to 100+ for every campaign sent since June. The peak email ROI reached 215:1 ROI and $53,934 in revenue. Another important metric is the click-to-open rate, which has been consistently above 4% in recent email campaigns for ACME.

As you budget and plan for 2022 marketing efforts, Vizergy is here to help increase your direct revenue with email marketing strategies and tactics. Contact us to learn more. Our dedicated team can help you strategize and enhance your digital presence.

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