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Display Advertising For Hotels

display advertising

Display advertising is a very effective way for hotels to build brand awareness. Unlike pay-per-click text ads, display ads rely more on graphic elements to tell a hotel’s story. Using pictures, logos, text, and even videos to create banners, display ads have a strong impression potential for online travelers.

These banners, which can come in a variety of more than 20 sizes, are added to the Google Display Network (GDN) to be placed on sites with related content. A best practice is to create an assortment of banner ads in different sizes if you want to appear on various websites. Each website that hosts Google ads will choose the banner that best fits their website layout.

Online display advertising gives marketers control over who sees their ads. Campaigns can be targeted to a specific demographic or audience that is most likely to convert. Display ads are especially useful for re-marketing campaigns.

Identify guests who have engaged with your website previously and continue marketing to them across other websites and social platforms. Positioning targeted ads in front of audiences while they browse elsewhere online allows the conversation to continue and increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Types Of Display Ads:

  1. Interactive: Allows for audio, animations, and videos in ads.

  2. Dynamic: Rotating ad content in a template structure to appeal to each visitor’s needs. Ad content changes based on the targeted method and parameters.

  3. Animated: Ads that have movement or change within the design.

  4. Static: Basic ad format with a flat image and no movement.

Making Display Ads Work For Your Property:

  • Be specific with target audiences. This allows you to tailor ads towards what each audience is most likely to be interested in.

  • Create a variety of ad sizes to increase chances of appearing on numerous websites.

  • Create simple, eye-catching banner ads. Attract guest’s attention by using bold colors, easy-to-read fonts, attractive imagery, and engaging messaging.

  • Keep ads simple. Use clear, compelling headlines and make the call-to-action as clear as possible. Too much information in a small space can be overwhelming, confusing, and difficult to read.

  • Include promotions, exclusive offers, and appealing pricing.

  • Optimize landing pages to have consistent messaging and a similar feel to the advertisements that led them there.

See how a Vizergy client generated $137,789 in revenue & made over half a million impressions using display advertising!

Need more information about display ads? Check out Google’s tips for creating effective display ads 

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Display Advertising for Hotels

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