Effects of Instagram's API Update


Effects of Instagram's API Update

February 04, 2020 Vizergy Digital Marketing
Instagram API Updates

If your property website currently has an Instagram feed application, it will no longer work in coming weeks. It must be updated to an approved, secure connection, in order to keep that photography feed flowing onto your website.

In January 2018, Instagram announced they would be shutting down their old API (application program interface) over the course of the next two years. In an effort to protect data and privacy, Facebook, who now owns Instagram, made major changes to their APIs.

An API is basically just the connection that allows apps to interact with Instagram. These changes were expected to break many of their integrated apps with API limit reductions.

Effective March 1, 2020 - the mandated move to the Facebook platform will be completed, meaning current Instagram widgets will no longer be supported. 

How Instagram’s API Change Will Affect You


If you currently have your Instagram feed located on your property website, that is anticipated to break in the coming weeks – if it hasn’t already. 

If your Instagram feed is still working, great. However, even a simple change such as changing your Instagram password will break the current API link on your website, causing it to disappear until you purchase the new API accessibility.

These leaves two options - remove the Instagram feed from your website all-together or purchase the new API accessibility. 

How Vizergy Can Help


Keeping the Instagram API changes in mind, Vizergy proactively created a Social Feed Application to solve the issue of broken links for our clients.

Facebook’s mandates are very thorough when vetting a vendor and their integrations, to ensure their security measures are upheld. After a vigorous approval process, Vizergy has been granted access by Facebook to sell the new API feature for Instagram.

The new Social Feed Application not only allows you to integrate your Instagram feed onto your website, but also can dynamically display the latest posts from your property’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.

The benefits of displaying these social posts on a property website include increased conversion rates by showcasing appealing photos and local events, improving website presentation and displaying fresh content, as well as increasing visitor time on website by providing one central location to view cross-network social posts. 


Vizergy's new Social Feed Application provides hospitality websites the ability to: 

- Display their most recent social posts in an appealing way.

- Integrate your social networks with your property website.

- Easily manage connections to various social media accounts.

- Customize the number of posts you'd like displayed & which social networks to include.

- Manage multiple-property's site ids.

- Engage more with customers and keep them on the property's website longer. 


For more information on how to get started with Vizergy's Social Feed Application, contact us!

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