The Importance of Personalization


The Importance of Personalization


Website personalization is all the rage in the travel industry right now and today’s marketers have plenty of opportunity to personalize their users experience. Personalization is a simple step to improve website conversions for hotel properties.

Vizergy’s CMS & platform makes it easy to personalize content and travel suppliers must, because consumers expect it. Vizergy clients who use this easy to deploy functionally are seeing much higher website engagement and conversion. 

Why Personalize?

Speaking directly to a visitor’s interests on your property’s website creates a more meaningful experience for them and increases their likelihood of converting.

According to New Epsilon research, 87% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with travel websites and/or apps that offer personalized experiences but say only 64% of travel sites are doing it well.

Website personalization can also enhance brand loyalty. A recent consumer report by Harvard Business Review found that two-thirds of consumers remain loyal to a brand because they feel they share similar values.

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