Inbound Marketing Techniques to Drive Traffic


Inbound Marketing Techniques to Drive Traffic

November 17, 2020 Kristen Sullivan
inbound marketing techniques to boost hotel reservations

Using Inbound Marketing Techniques to Attract Hotel Guests

Attracting users to your website and converting them into paying guests is no easy task, especially when they are bombarded daily with an overwhelming amount of options. How do you set your hotel apart from others and show yours is the best choice? It can be difficult to break through all the noise but a surefire way of doing so is by using inbound marketing techniques.  

So, what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is the process of attracting users and potential customers to your site rather than actively pursuing them using outward methods (I.e. paid media). Inbound tactics include writing blog posts, posting on social media, and optimizing your website content for search engines (SEO). If done correctly, inbound marketing successfully puts your hotel in front of potential guests at the right point of their customer journey; it makes your hotel easy to find without coming across as pushy or intrusive.

Below are a few inbound marketing ideas to attract attention to your hotel, grow brand awareness, and increase conversions.

Website Content

Your website is typically the main source of hotel information for travelers so it’s crucial that it’s both user-friendly and captivating. Key aspects to highlight include local area information (such as shopping, dining, and attractions), a calendar of events, and general information about your property and amenities. When users search for information regarding local events during their upcoming trip, for instance, information from your website will pop up, putting your hotel in the forefront of their mind when it comes time to book lodging.

Your website content should be optimized to include common keywords travelers are likely including in their online inquiries when researching hotels. You can have great content on your website but if it’s not optimized, it’s unlikely to appear on either Google or Bing.

Blog Posts

Arguably the most effective way to push out content as part of your integrated marketing campaign is to publish posts on a blog. It’s not necessary to post daily, but weekly or bi-weekly articles will build your library of valuable information for users searching for answers to their travel questions.

Just as you discovered Vizergy Digital Marketing by reading this blog post, the same is true for potential guests finding your hotel when they come across your articles.

Here are a few topic ideas to get you started:

·       What makes your hotel special or unique

·       Any property updates or details on recent renovations

·       Travel tips and tricks

·       The best local places to eat, shop, and visit

·       Local history

·       Hotel news

·       Interviews with local businesses

·       Weekend guides

·       Seasonal activities

If possible, your blog should be attached to your hotel’s website to make it easy for users to find detailed information and book a stay. Additionally, blog posts should be optimized with relevant keywords to ensure they’re appearing in Google searches.

Social Media Posts

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are wonderful places to share creative content to attract potential guests. Curated feeds with professional-quality images and thoughtful, informative captions serve as inspiration for travelers and will entice them to book a stay at your hotel. Additionally, using relevant and diverse hashtags will help expose your content to a wider audience.

One example of a hotel that does this well is Queen Kapiolani Hotel. They use a combination of both owned and user-generated content to highlight their lovely property and provide inspiration to potential guest.

Instagram content for hotels

Instagram feed captions to engage customers

Additional SEO Measures

We can’t stress the importance of search engine optimization enough. Ensuring both your website and blog articles are optimized is just the first step. Link building is also a wonderful way to increase your domain authority while growing brand awareness. Link building happens when another website includes a link to your own in an article, post, or directory. If it’s a credible and relevant site, search engines will see your website as a viable source of information and be more likely to list you as a top result on their results pages.

Reaching out to potential partners is as easy as identifying businesses with common interests (I.e. a wedding venue whose patrons need a place for their guests to stay) and sending them an email about trading links. You also get the added benefit of increased exposure when other users discover your brand on these pages.

The overall goal is to provide current and potential guests with valuable information that attracts them to your website. Cutting through the digital clutter is a difficult process. But by taking the above steps and growing your web presence organically, your hotel will begin to stand out as a top option for travelers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to optimize your website and generate quality content, reach out to the marketing experts at Vizergy Digital Marketing.

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